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Plan*t is rethinking how we eat.

As consumers we know the benefits of going meat-free, with 1 in 3 New Zealanders consiously limiting meat.

But taste has always been a challenge with meat reducers. Plan*t is changing that. Their range of burgers, mince and sausages not only taste great but is also good for you and the planet.

Plant*t makes delicious, nutritious, plant-based protein right here in NZ, using thoughtfully sourced, natural ingredients.

Welcome to plant-made deliciousness.

A simpler focus on taste

With such a category catch-all name we felt we needed to build more equity and power into the product by elevating the brand to the top of pack. This along with adding depth and a 'circular visual feast' to the food styling helped to deliver a celebration of the planet with food as if seen from above.


With such an category 'catch-all' name  (Plant or Planet) we felt we needed to build more equity and power into the product by elevating the brand to the top of pack - being proud of the brand again, and linking it tightly to the new positioning.


Luscious, curvy typography and rich, close-up product photography helped create that mouth watering moment. The ease of cooking of Plan*t products means meals can be prepared quicker for the family. 

Not just beautiful taste, but easy recipes too.

The team at Sustainable Foods wanted to give the families the chance to bring the best out of Plan*t. We developed a range of back-of-pack recipes which complement the flavours of the protein-rich, 100% vegan products. With clever copy and tasty headlines, it all points to a flavoursome meal ahead. Good for the family and good for the planet.


Thanks to the wonderful team at Sustainable Foods Ltd, particularly Morag McCay and Paul Thompson and the superbly talented food photographer Nikki Astwood. 

Shelf-shout really a whisper?

With household budgets getting squeezed, each and every shopper needs to see your products clearly. We can work with you to make sure your product gets noticed, bought and loved.

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